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What's The News?????

We have a winner!!!!!!!


Thanks to everyone !!!!!




   Are you ready for Mothers Day?!? We are and we will have a raffle for the FIRST OTC's Mother Day Basket you will get:

1 Cooked Brisket

3 lbs of Homemade Potato Salad 

3 Lbs of Homemade Beans

Loaf of Bread

And 1 Gallon of Tea....

The tickets are $1.00each

So come on by and get your tickets for the Mother in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


OTC in the paper 

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The modest setup of the joint, a two-window, one-smoker trailer in the parking lot of the Stop-N-Drive Zipps gas station, adds to the allure of finding an off-the-beaten-path place to get real brisket and ribs.
As far as barbecue restaurants are concerned, there are a few rules that all must abide by.
Off The Chain has already mastered a minimalist approach with the DIY arrangements - a foldout table and chairs serves as its only dining area while the whiff of warmed meat wafts out of the smoker built on to the side of the trailer.
Another benchmark for barbecue restaurants is a simple menu. OTC has its selections handwritten on a white dry erase board the size of the hood of an old Buick fastened to the side of the trailer.
The scrawl boasts OTC's specialties - ribs, sausage, brisket or chop. You can mix and match those selections of meats in a two or three meat plate combo ($7.75 for the two and $8.75 for the three) or a single serving meat plate ($6.75). Diners can also get the four pillars of barbecue in a sandwich (prices range from $4 to $4.50).
Barbecue plates should always have the meat accompanied by a soupy slick of beans and a healthy scoop of potato salad. Off The Chain didn't disappoint.
What jumped out most about the sides was the taste of the beans. Usually relegated to a candy-sweet taste, OTC's beans were peppery and wading in almost the same sauce as the meat, offering us a rustic taste next to the Sunday sunshine appeal of potato salad.
Laid in a heap of dark and peppery sauce, the beef chop was presented with the dichotomy that makes barbecue great. The inner part of the pieces were tender, a great compliment to the crustier, taste-filled edges where the real character of taste of barbecue comes from.
The half dozen or so ribs standing in the same sauce as chop in the Styrofoam container were done in the same charred perfection, making the ribs the best part of OTC's plate.
But the final rule that establishes a barbecue place's legitimacy is the menial addition of white bread. Some folks will use a pasty square as a soaking plate underneath a saucy rib, others will tear off slices of the bread to dip into sauce but sometimes you have to use it the old-fashioned way and construct a pseudo-sandwich, as I did with a few strips of the chop to finish off a well-rounded plate of barbecue that can only be described as "off the chain."

Check back we will be adding new things here over the next few weeks!!!!

In the South, barbecue is most definitely a noun. A barbecue is a gathering of Family & Freinds who appreciate the aroma of roasted meat that has been painstakingly smoked for several hours.