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Welcome to the OTC BBQ webpage here you will find all kinds of info about OTC's BBQ if you look under the about OTC you can read how OTC got started don't forget to look under the OTC Photos to see OTC and its family and alot more!!!!!!!


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In the South, barbecue is most definitely a noun. A barbecue is a gathering of food aficionados who appreciate the aroma of roasted meat that has been painstakingly smoked for several hours.

There are few things in the South more universally revered than good barbecue, and deconstructing barbecue is a study in the culture of the South.

OFF THE CHAIZAIN BBQ Great Food, Great Service, No Bone About It!!!!!!!!

Business hours

Mon.   11am-7pm

Tues.  11am-7pm

Weds. 11am-7pm

Thurs. 11am-7pm

Fri.    11am-8pm

Sat.   11am-8pm


Fm 1314

Porter Tx

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OTC's Joke of the Day 

Good: Your wife doesn't talk to you.
Bad: She wants a divorce.
Very bad: She is a lawyer.



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Popularized by its constant reference in hip-hop songs, the phrase "off the chain" is now the new name in barbecue in Porter.
Open for nearly a month, Off the Chain BarBQ at the corner of Old Sorters Road and FM 1314 is what you should expect from homestyle barbecue - no gimmicks, no frills, just good food...............
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